June 2023-June 2024


University of Iowa Health Care (UIHC) is seeking an administrative fellow to assist UIHC – Finance & Accounting. The selected individual will develop a better understanding and knowledge of a broad range of operational issues, including interaction with the executive leadership team. 

Application Process and Timeline

The application deadline for the 2023-2024 administrative fellowship is Monday, October 3, 2022. Learn more about the application process and timeline. 


The position requires systematic, substantial in-depth knowledge of the field of health care administration. This knowledge is typically acquired through a graduate program resulting in the issuance of a master’s degree in health care administration, business administration, or a similar graduate program.

The Associate Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, of UIHC acts as the preceptor in strong partnership with the Directors and determines, with the fellow, the content of the fellowship. The fellow will further benefit from ongoing interaction with the finance and executive team, involving a broad base of financial and operational issues. The content of the experience is tailored to best match individual and organizational needs. As such, the following components and characteristics provide a framework for defining the fellowship experience:

  • Adoption of program goals and objectives, including periodic review with the Chief Financial Officer and their leadership team.
  • Open access to the Chief Financial Officer and their leadership team
  • Participation in senior level meetings as appropriate, in which health care policy and the impact to University of Iowa Health Care are discussed in relation to finance, operations, and strategy.
  • Participation and a mix of corporate/centralized functions, (e.g., finance, human resources, information technology, education, and general operations).
  • Participation in the completion of special projects/programs central to UIHC - Finance such as strategic proforma development, physician compensation and analytics, price transparency, governmental reimbursement and strategy, and population health analytics.
  • Participation in the educational process within the University of Iowa Graduate Program in Health Administration.


This is a specified term position with the length of term lasting one year starting on or about June 1, 2023.

Contact for additional information

Conner Welch, portrait

Conner Welch, MHA – Current UIP Administrative Fellow