In the past few months, UI Health Care and Mercy Iowa City have made incredible progress toward thoughtfully bringing our two organizations together, while continuing to maintain access to health care and jobs in our community. As we look to the year end, we are so proud of the work we’ve completed to date.

Milestones to Date

  • Court approval for sale of Mercy Iowa City to University of Iowa, with a commitment to hire all employees in good standing and to honor Mercy’s legacy to serve all in the community
  • Town halls held for Mercy Iowa City employees and providers
  • Serving Together employee information website launched
  • UI job information portal launched, with nearly all employees uploading their information by the deadline
  • UI benefits orientation sessions begin
  • New Mercy Iowa City name under UI Health Care brand is announced
  • Leadership teams from both organizations continue to collaborate for a successful integration

New Integration Lead Announced

Behind the scenes, an integration team comprised of leaders from both UI Health Care and Mercy Iowa City has been working diligently to prepare for a smooth transition. These teams have been working together on a daily basis to share information and assess operational needs. 

Joining the integration team on Jan. 2 is Deborah Berini, who will serve as Chief Integration Officer and Interim Chief Administrative Officer, leading management and integration as Mercy Iowa City becomes a part of UI Health Care. Berini has more than 20 years of experience in health care administration with expertise in employee engagement and hospital acquisitions. 

In addition to leading integration efforts, Berini will support ongoing operations at Mercy Iowa City during the transition after the transaction is complete. We look forward to welcoming her on campus shortly after she begins.

Looking to the Future

We will continue planning for bringing our two organizations together and assessing community needs.  

In early January, employees who provided information in the portal will receive a transition letter and participate in open enrollment for UI benefits. Mercy Iowa City employees will officially become UI Health Care employees once the transition is complete, expected Jan 31. 

The Sisters of Mercy and Mercy Hospital leaders are planning a prayer ritual in January to honor the Sisters’ dedication to the hospital and commitment to the Iowa City community. The event will also recognize and show appreciation to community supporters as a new chapter of health care begins for the region. 

Thank you for your continued dedication to our patients and community. We look forward to continuing to serve together into the future, leveraging the rich health care legacy of both organizations in the Iowa City region.    

Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy New Year!