Our experience in providing hundreds of UI Health Care Tours over the years has shown that the more familiar you are with our campus before your visit the smoother your arrival and whole experience will go. Please take a few moments to learn about a few important details.

Parking and Directions

Meeting locations will vary based on the type of experience you are being provided.  Your meeting location will be provided to you by the UI Health Care staff member who is planning your experience. Here are the possibilities, for your reference.

Late Arrivals

If your group or individuals in your group are more than 15 minutes late to arrive, they will likely miss the first experience and it will be extremely difficult to connect the late visitors with the group since the group visits various locations.

UI Health Care does not have additional staff resources available to help latecomers, so it is imperative that the group leaders and group members plan ahead before their visit. Please allow an additional 15 minutes to arrive on campus, park, and find the meeting location.

What to Wear

Visitors should wear appropriate attire, including comfortable walking shoes, as they will be walking through our academic medical center.

If possible, please leave coats and bags in your vehicles during the visit. We do not have a secure place to leave items, so you will otherwise need to carry them during the entire tour. 

Consent Forms

We require that you provide us with completed consent forms for all participants in your group when your arrive. Failure to complete consent forms may result in limited participation in the tour. Consent forms are required for the safety and protection of both visitors and patients of UI Health Care.