To earn the Master of Clinical Nutrition degree and verification statement*, the student must:

  • Complete all graduate courses and supervised experiential learning rotations and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. No credit is awarded for prior learning experiences, such as course work, supervised experiential learning hours, or direct assessment.
  • Complete staff relief assignments with an overall staff relief experience score of “2 Competent” or above.
  • Perform in a professional and ethical manner.

In the event that a student in the program:

  1. Exhibits habitual disregard of policies and procedures of the program, department, or institution;
  2. Is absent or late without cause and/or proper notification;
  3. Acts dishonestly;
  4. Uses/has possession of alcohol or illegal drugs immediately before or while on duty and/or the use of which affects classroom or supervised practice;
  5. Takes on responsibilities without authority;
  6. Violates confidentiality of a patient/client,

the incidence(s) will be investigated and the student may be dismissed from the program or placed on probation and removed from a rotation and/or will be assigned additional work and/or counseling until an additional level of professionalism is achieved.

Students whose performance does not meet the above criteria for progressing in the program will have the opportunity to follow program retention and remediation procedures.